Statutory Meeting 13/10

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Edoardo Carlotti

The Statutory meeting that took place on the 13/10 evening was rich of events! Thanks to all 12 members and 4 participating guests.

The presentation attached details all the points of the meeting. We welcomed Gilberto Bley Saboia and his presentation of RC Curitiba CIC and the projects they are handling in Brazil - encomiabile effort.

Nuria and Louis shared with usa few details about the District training on the Foundation, with one action point as summarised below.

We had the chance to go through again the Padel event scheduled for Sunday 17, and encouraged all members who didn't subscribe yet to do so. Given the modest number of participants and respective amount of funds raised, we also had the proposal to donate 1,000 EUR to Impuls nonetheless - proposal to be voted by the Club in due course.

Umberto updated us on the status of the accounts, then we did a fly-over on all ongoing and future expected projects/activities: Laptop4Schools, Roses project (finished!), Blood donation, Whiskey tasting and Christmas dinner.

Very fruitful meeting for the Club!

In terms of action points:

  • Nuria/Luis to circulate a communication summarising the Club's options to leverage the Foundation funds or help other Clubs doing so to get acquainted with the process ourselves. Proposals to be discussed in the next statutory meeting.
  • Edoardo/Nuria to touch base to ensure that all is ready for the Padel event on Sunday 17.
  • Edoardo to circulate in Whatsapp message on the proposal to donate EUR 1,000 to Impuls, regardless of the amount fundraised during the event.
  • Josef to circulate a Whatsapp message to all members to collect ideas on whom to donate the two insect shelters the Club obtained through the Roses project.
  • Lorenzo to open the doodle to all Guests to join the Christmas dinner.
  • Christian to share a doodle to decide on a date where willing members can donate blood at the Hospital.