Statutory meeting 28/10

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Edoardo Carlotti

Tonight, the Club met with representatives from the Global Shapers Hub of Luxembourg. Silvia and Gilberto explained how Global Shapers works and invited us to participate in this year's "Shapeaton", which will take place on the 20 of November. Members will be welcomed as Advisors to provide to 7 selected NGOs advice on concrete problems. The attached PDF explains more in detail what the Shapeaton is.

During the presentation, we appreciated how much our Club has in common with Global Shapers, especially on service and social inclusion. We have invited other representatives to join us in our next meetings and activities, and we welcome those like-minded people who will leave Global Shapers when entering in their 30ies (age-limit).

During dinner, Edoardo presented to the audience the ongoing activities, explaining the rationale behind them and the core objectives the Club intends to reach. Nuria presented a series of new projects that we may embark, each followed by a short vote and discussion.

During dessert, we discussed on a "world cloud" based on the question "what is important in a project for you". Many ideas and food for thought, that allow us to best reflect on our purpose and to concentrate our efforts in the best possible way. 

The formal part of the meeting ended with a glass of sparkling wine and the evening continued with some bonding-time amongst the presents.

Ps: thanks to Anastasia, the "hybrid participant", and all guests (Dr. Helmut and Mrs. Elisabeth Trenkwalder, Christian Dogaru, Alberto).