Handover - New Board Appointed for the Rotary Year 2021-2022

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Denisa Pais

On the sunny afternoon of June 9, eleven brave Club members met for the annual handover, respecting all safety measures in place.

It was the first time many of us met, and the occasion provided us with the chance to finally enjoy a heart-warming conversation. Moreover, people were actually able to wave at each other, rather than clicking on emoticons on Zoom!

All participants thanked Monica, the Club's past President, for the way she had tackled this challenging year, managing to keep the members united.

Everyone wished Edoardo, our new President, and the rest of the new Board, best of luck for the year to come.

The newly appointed Board members are:

  • Denisa Pais - Secretary (Support: Ellen Spencer)
  • Umberto Negrini - Treasurer (Support: Emanuele Piffaretti)
  • Anja Leist - Administration Committee Chair (Support: David Bouvier)
  • Josef Nemec - Membership Committee Chair (Support: Petra Buderus)
  • Anastasia Vanden Berge - Public Image Committee Chair (Support: Lorenzo Pizzuti)
  • Anja Trenkwalder - Service Projects Committee Chair (Support: Nuria Soler)
  • Louis Verelst - Foundation Committee Chair

President Elect Edoardo Carlotti together with Past President Monica Louie.